Ron Compañero Elixir Orange

Elixir Orange is the perfect mix of classic Jamaica rum and tropical flavors of ripe oranges and fresh coconuts. It takes your imagination to the sandy beaches of the Caribbean coast with a smooth and sweet finish.

Country of origin Jamaica


Compañero is the Spanish word for companion, and it frames this series of products from 1423 where taste, complexity and finish are ultimate keywords.

Tasting notes: The nose is sweet and round with a fragrance of orange and coconut. On the palate it is smooth, full-bodied and with exquisite and sweet aromas of orange and coconut. This is a very pleasant rum liqueur, perfect for your sweet tooth.

Together with Compañero Ron Gran Reserva, Compañero Ron Elixir Orange was the beginning of the Compañero series, which now also contain Compañero Panama Extra Añejo.

Compañero Ron Elixir Orange also comes in a 0,05L bottle..

Still POT
Alcohol 40%
Volume 0.7L
Age unaged
Produced by 1423
Product Type Rum liqueur
Chill-filtered no
EAN Code 5712718005769
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About the producer

Ron Compañero

About the producer

Ron Compañero

With the Ron Compañero series you always have a perfect companion for any kind of life situation. The expression of our three Compañero’s are complex in taste, of high-quality, but their characters couldn’t be more different.