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S.B.S Guyana 1993

Single Barrel Selection Guyana 1993 is a single cask rum which is based on molasses and was distilled in a column still in 1993. The rum has matured in an ex-Bourbon cask and is bottled at 59,2% abv. in August 2023. The rum is non-chill filtered and no additives have been used. S.B.S Guyana 1993 is limited to 136 bottles only.

Country of origin Guyana

S.B.S Fall Release 2023

The second batch of our annual S.B.S release 2023 contains gems from Tahiti, Guyana, French Antilles and many more. Since our bottlings are getting more and more popular we decided to add bottlings which will only be available in specific countries. Otherwise, the S.B.S range stays the same – pure single cask rum without additives or chill-filtration.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Notes of sweet fruit unfold, accompanied by subtle traces of vanilla and a gentle oak influence.
Palate: Discover a harmonious fusion of fruity and spicy flavors, culminating in a satisfying toffee-laden finish.

Still Column
Alcohol 59,2%
Volume 0,7l
Age 30 Years
Produced by 1423
Product Type Single Cask Rum
Chill-filtered No
EAN Code 5712718008128
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About the producer

Single Barrel Selection

About the producer

Single Barrel Selection