S.B.S Origin Australia

S.B.S. Origin, Australia is the first time we bottle an unaged Australian rum, however when you taste it you will know why! The base product is molasses, however the small craft distillery have also build their own muck pit and use an open fermentation that last around 3 weeks to help the creation of esters, finally it is all distilled on a homemade still created from old brewing equipment.

Country of origin Australia

S.B.S Origin

The 1423 S.B.S Origin Selection is a series of handpicked unaged rum specifically chosen for their powerful profile and flavor. The chosen rum and marks are well known from our aged 1423 Single Barrel Selection and we now offer the opportunity to taste the origin of our products in our 1423 S.B.S Origin Selection. Enjoy them neat, on the rocks or to elevate your cocktails. This bottling contains a wonderful white rum distilled in traditional column stills making great Daiquiris.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Exceptionally funky esters take center stage, accompanied by the vibrant essence of strawberries and the luscious sweetness of ripe pears.
Palate: A delightful combination of peppery spice and sweetness, concluding with a creamy, fruity finish.

Still Pot
Alcohol 57%
Volume 0,7l
Age unaged
Produced by 1423
Product Type White rum
Chill-filtered No
EAN Code 5712718008005
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About the producer

S.B.S Origin

About the producer

S.B.S Origin